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Advantages of Selling Your Property with RD Legal

Solicitor Estate Agents

We believe a Solicitor/Estate Agent offers you a better service. You benefit from dealing with one firm, for both your sale and purchase. With one team for your estate agency and conveyancing. It’s slicker, it’s easier and it’s less stressful, especially on settlement day. We are Solicitors and Estate Agents. That means you benefit from our knowledge and experience being much broader and deeper. We have extensive expertise in buying properties, as well as selling them. Something Estate Agents just don’t have.


Communication is at the heart of what we do, keeping you informed, aware and involved. Getting your property under offer is only the start. There is ongoing communication to keep you aware of the conveyancing on your sale, discussing offers on your next property, and the physical selling and buying.

We communicate with your potential buyers to get your property under offer. So after your property is advertised we follow up on all individuals who download your Home Report to encourage them to book a viewing. It’s a personalised, not a system-generated approach. When you get viewers we contact them all to seek their feedback, encourage notes of interest and invite offers on your property. This personal communication is so important to finding you the right buyer.


Photos sell, and don’t we know it, and never more so than when it comes to property. If you want to get the best images, then you get the best photographers. You wouldn’t want us turning up with a camera in our pocket and taking a few amateur snaps. When someone sees your photos we want them to say “We must go see that one”. No ones complains they get too many viewers. If you use the very best photographers you get the best results.

Video camera in room

Video Tours

A professionally produced video creates an outstanding impression of your property to buyers. We use video to bring your property to life and keep viewers engaged for longer. When shared on Social Media we can attain a greater impact than using a series of still images.

Aerial Photography & Video

We believe that if you have a stunning property, a great location and outstanding views, they are worth showing. Using aerial photography and video we can show these to your potential buyers. Drone footage is a must have in these scenarios and we are delighted to offer this as part of our marketing support.

Interactive Brochures

Can you remember when we used to pop along to the ESPC in George Street to pick up a schedule?

In the online world we need a new way of presenting your property. That’s why we use an interactive online brochure which can be viewed instantly. They can be viewed on the property portals, or web site, or sent via links in Social Media, WhatsApp, text and email. It’s a brilliant way to make your property more accessible and look great.

ESPC: The big influencer

The most influential property portal in Edinburgh and the Lothians is the ESPC, by a long way. If you want to do things right, make sure your property is advertised on the ESPC. Properties advertised on this platform have achieved the highest selling prices. Not being on this platform means you risk selling for less. Who wants to take that risk?

Property Portals

The property portals are the gateway to letting the world know your property is now for sale. But no one portal reaches every audience, and no one person looks at them all. That is why we use so many of the major portals to maximise our reach, your reach. The ESPC is our favourite, but other portals are available. We want your property to be seen. The more people who see it, the better and that is why we put your property on Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket and Prime Location. Let’s be seen.

Social Media

Social Media plays such an influential role in our lives.

That’s why we make such extensive use of the Social Media platforms. The property portals are a reactive way of literally listing your property. Social Media is about being proactive in publishing your home to a wider audience with appropriate bespoke messaging.


We are Solicitors and Estate Agents. We do the legal Conveyancing work as well as Estate Agency. This means you benefit from our knowledge and experience being much broader and deeper. Remember we have as much expertise in buying properties as we have in selling them. Something many Estate Agents perhaps just don’t have as they don’t buy and they don’t carry out the legal aspects.

Think of us as the one person you can talk to. The one person who knows all the parts, understands what is happening, and brings it all together. We get you moving; it’s not just selling your home, but importantly it’s also buying a new one and often on the same day.

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3 Reasons to Choose RD Legal


Friendly, Personal Service

You will find us friendly, knowledgeable and quick to respond. After all, we’re here to take care of you.


Focus on Results & Client Satisfaction

We’re online, on the phone, and on your side to get your job done and the result you’re after.


Really Competitive Pricing​

We aim to do more and charge less. Give us a call, drop us an email, or send us a text.